Saturday, June 9, 2012


maybe i am the one that is lumpy here but to those who understands, do enlighten me. When someone tells us that their friends/family had died/is sick at facebook status, why the heck a person press the 'like' button? What's that supposed to mean? They like it now he's dead? what is the meaning of the 'like'?

p/s : orgia mode now. and orgia not equals angry.~


Anonymous said...

It means that they like it so much when someone dies/ get sick. Kurang sikit manusia kat dunia ni, takdelah traffic jam banyak sangat.

On a more serious note, when no one gives a reply, they feel as if no one is paying attention, so the least they can do is 'like', just to show that 'Oh, I've seen your status, now I know, takziah takziah, moga cepat sihat', without actually having to say anything.

Honestly? I don't even know.
What kind of stupid system creates an environment where you always have to express virtual feelings in order to be 'in-the-cirle'. How unprofessional.

Orgia mooooooooooode


han1s said...

yeah~ it's not as if they don't 'like' means they were ignoring it. the fact that they 'like' it only shows that they blindly push the 'like' button without even reading what is being written. oh,this is my thoughts~

Unknown said...

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