Saturday, February 12, 2011


alhamdulillah dah dua minggu aku deactivate fb.. wonder why i have to do it???

-aku nak jadi invisible..
-aku nak jadi unnoticed..
sebab aku tak rasa aku penting dalam hidup orang lain~ except of course my family.. my mother who had been carrying me aroud for 9 months.. my father a.k.a my inspiration.. and other family members too..

-aku tak boleh kawal diri aku
-aku spend masa lama tahap gaban kalau gune fb
i think the saying "if you can't beat them,join them" is wrong~
if you can't beat them,LEAVE them.


seriously.. there's this thing we called friendship.. it's the hardest thing(well,maybe for me),that i have to live with.. nope2.. i don't mean that we don't need to have friends~ they are daaaaaaaaaammn important..

yang payahnya kalau nak jaga hati orang~ sometimes even our own feelings must be put aside,in order to keep the friendship alive.. ahhh.. he's being quiet lately... i know he is mysterious,but i never thought it would go to that extend.. now,i have lost my hope in him.. i reply to him,only if he talks to me.. i no longer want to start the conversation.. cause it's suck if you are talking to this someone,and you feel like you are talking to the wall~ is it my mistake? asking for a hutang he owed me? and please notice that i use the word 'asking',NOT FORCING!!!!

and there's this another person. a perfect person(of course that's what he think he is!!).. see,no body is ever born to be perfect right from the beginning.. and,if no body ever tell you that you made mistake,it's not the sign that you are a 100%...

me is not perfect neither.. and i can never be one.. what i can do,is learning.. keep learning.. not to be perfect,but learning how to live...

oh yeah,i'm building a wall for myself~ i'll keep myself invisible for a period of time.. i'm keeping my emotion,my super duper lovey dovey story on the inside~ never again i will share my feeling with other person.. cause there's one thing i learn from reading HLOVATE's 5 tahun 5 bulan : people could use what they knew about us
against us.

i will :
a)no longer care for his feeling.all this while i thought i have built bridges for me to understand him,but it seems that i'm just dreaming of it..
b)no longer react to that 'emo' person.. no,i don't mean to say that i'm untouchable,that i made 0 mistake.. it's just that it seems like only he can bosses around,telling other people what to do...

p/s:am i writing this????? please tell me that i'm not~ :)

Friday, February 4, 2011


and now,i shall be gone from your life.. sorry for all my mistake... well,i think it's time for me to change.. some part back to the old me.. other part moving forward~ i miss my old me,i can't wait for a new me~ hopefully,whatever i do,will be guided by ALLAH S.W.T.. insyaAllah~ pray for me,will ya? thankkiu~ :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

5 5

first time deactivate fb secara serius~ ekeke~ seblum ni pernah jer deactivate,tp tak siyes pun.. tak sampai seminggu dah activate balik~ kali ni,i'm doing it for real,with ALLAH's guide,insyaAllah.. huhu~ utk brape lama??? 5 5.. =)