Sunday, November 11, 2012

Old Story

today I'm feeling blues a little bit.
so skip on reading if you don't want to vomit.
here we go~

the feeling is real
if only it was mutual

force you,I won't
like me,you don't

I thought we will be together
and I will love you forever

from my eyes,please go away
in my heart,please don't stay

p/s : if you are reading this,I must admit. It's not easy to forget you.
and to other readers who make it till the end,don't judge me by this post.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


on a more serious matter, the past 2 week is a turbulant week for me.
first, I have been called 'LEMAH' because I wasn't able to recognize the finding in one of the patient.
second, during exam I was awarded 'BAD'. doesn't matter,my physical examination technique sucks anyway.
third,I have unlock achievement for 'VERY WEAK LEADER'.
in summary, I have gone from LEMAH to BAD to VERY WEAK.

that's it. that is it.
p/s : not that I am gonna do anything extraordinary.just a little bit of lifestyle modification. =)