Sunday, March 20, 2011


rasa cam nak wat blog baru.
special utk tulis citer.
blog ni pulak,emm,still ade.
tapi more into kerohanian.
blog baru pulak more into tempat meluahkan bakat.
eceh,ade bakat ke??? haha~

Friday, March 11, 2011

syok woo

versi : hiba~by hujan

which one i'm better at? malay or english?
well,back in my school days,there's this one time,i was really bored.
even to write an essay.
cause it's the typical do-whatever-topic-the-teacher-gave thingy.. so i dared myself to ask the teacher.. "teacher,could i do this essay by my own way?" (surely this was not what i told her at that time)

and there i go.. i think out of the box,and i write out of the book(haha,is there's such a word??)... guess what? i got high mark for that essay too.. haha.. u know what i did?

i turn that essay into a mini cartoon story.. remembering it now,make me wanna laugh.. (seriously,i really do).. hahaha
guess how the teacher felt when reading essay full of cartoon's character...
blue eyes white dragon,exodia,shin chan and many moreee.. and the essay is being written by a form 2 student.. wanna say i'm immature? go ahead.. i still am.. :D

Friday, March 4, 2011


yeah.. starting from yesterday,i've made myself a new personality.. less-talkative.. what the heck? me-less talkative??? simply x masuk akal!!! all this while i'm a mulut-susa-nak-brenti kind of person,and suddenly i'm changing.. eit eit eit.. wait a minute.. being less talkative does not mean that i cannot be happy right??? hahahaha~ i will try to prove it.. adios ~