Friday, December 23, 2011


it has almost been a year.
lots of thing happened.
i entered my 4th semester this year.knowing that come May,I will have to face the exam, student's dearest friend.I cannot help but to feel scared.I failed quite a number of times for the past 2 year,why wouldn't I be scared?
and then come my story with 'her'.shame on me.I chose the wrong path to gain love.but Alhamdulillah,Allah gave me a chance to change.and so there was it,the break up thing.
but hey,I am not on the losing side as I thought I would be.losing her gave me chance to be closer to HIM.
and oh yeah,this year I made a promise to one of my besties,that I would refrain myself from having the FB account.and on 27th of February, Hanis Mechan vanish from FB.
supposedly i will not have FB account for a period of 5years5months.But ey,there are 2 exceptions to that~ 1st,if I am about to ma**y(yep,you guess iit right!).surely I will use my FB account to announce it.second would be if I am leaving this world,then I hope someone will post it for me on my FB,'forgive this guy and pray for him'.

that's all~
p/s : Allah,forgive me and bless me.Give me your guidance,oh Allah the Most Merciful~