Sunday, August 21, 2011

untuk budak itu~

to : you
aim : i don't know what are the possibilities that you will be reading this. but in case you didn't know what's the lala is going on,you may find the answer in this post.insyaAllah.

i like you.i mean really really like you.i am not forcing,i am just hope is for you to give me a chance.but then again,forcing someone to do what they don't like,is just so wrong on so many levels.what more if it involves feeling.

then i have come to a conclusion(or I thought so).

i will never again be messing around your life as if i am so damn desperate.
go and unwind yourself.
i am really sorry for the trouble that I have caused you all this while.

p/s : thanks for the friendship though.we still are,aren't we? ;)

the hardest battle is to versus yourself(edited from the famous HLOVATE,again)